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Our Facility

EVI, Engineered Victories Inc. has two locations to better serve you.

Each location is full service, but each location also has their own specialty equiptment.


Engineered Victories Inc.Sunnen SV-10 cylinder honing machine. This is the latest in honing technology. The Sunnen SV-10 uses computer controlled diamond honing stones. Diamond stones provide for the straightest, most concentric bores available in the industry today with a tolerance of less than .0001 of an inch. With a proper diamond stone and plateau finish there is virtually no break in period required!
Engineered Victories Inc.Bridgeport Mill. This is a must for any shop. With this machine we can customize virtually any part to make it fit it's application perfectly. Or custom build the part from scratch. This machine has a million and one uses in a machine shop.

Engineered Victories Inc.Sunnen Rod Honing Machine. This machine is used to recondition connecting rods back to there original dimensions. Since we will not accept anything but perfect, we also use this machine to fine tune bearing and wrist pin clearances to the .0001 of an inch.  

Engineered Victories Inc.Sunnen Align Honing Machine. This machine is used in much the same way as the rod machine. It reconditions and sizes the main journals to give proper bearing clearance to the .0001 of an inch.

Engineered Victories Inc.Engine Build Room. We have a dedicated engine build room which we keep ultra clean in order to provide the best available quality for the end product. (DIRT IS THE ENEMY)

Engineered Victories Inc.Wrecker Service. Our 24 Hr. wrecker service is second to none when it comes to courtesy and timeliness. If you have a  project that is long term or needs to be shuttled from a location to our shop, we can accommodate. (Special discounted rates may apply)
Engineered Victories Inc.Swartz Creek Location. Our Swartz Creek is where our machine shop and engine dyno is located. It is the larger of our two locations with seven service bays and an indoor storage for your long term projects.

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"EVI has the right equipment to get the job done." ~ Stan Boyd